Broken Dreams : 
Is an ongoing story about the sweet madness that overtakes us slowly when we love someone; and lose this love.
( work in progress )

Cars & Girls:
A poetic story of dreams, ambition, faded glory, love, sadness and beauty, reflected in flesh and steel. What else is
there on a man’s mind? Book published by Lido, 2012, ISBN 978-94-913-01209-9.
   "Eugeen Herman  is an important player of a generation photographers whose photographs are expanding the definitions of
    documentary photography and razing the divisions between documentary and fine art photography. Like a picture behind a
    picture, Eugeen Herman shows us the other side of the celebrated female ideal. As a metaphor he uses cars and girls that
    appear here and there in nothing. For some time now, Eugeen Herman has been concerned with using photography for the
    obvious, for portraits of the girls working in the erotic cliché-environment who are close to him during his travels all
    around the world. Cars and girls are a perfect metaphor for searching something deeper and still see the beauty of lust
    in a dark side context." - by Prof Dr. Johan Swinnen

Protect :
“Am I strong? Am I naked? Am I vulnerable? Will you protect me or do I need a gun...?”

Religion :
“One woman, many religions, one feeling, feeling heart. So many different views, so close, so far apart.”

Summertime :
Is a story of a journey to twelve beaches around the world where the living is easy. Your daddy is rich and
you're mama is good looking. Summertime book published by Lannoo, 2008.

Void :
is a story about lost places, fleeting moments in which everything comes together in a  blink of an eye.
A second full of recognisable bewilderment. A mountain is a city is a sea. Nothing is what it is. All is perception.
( work in progress )
Random :
“Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue. And a silver Sixpence in her shoe”
Traditional Saying Taking pictures, just because you can. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Impressions, images, actions, all are one and one is just a melting pot of expressions.


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